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Center Advocates for State and Local Governments discusses the SLLC’s mission, history, current amicus activity

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Lisa Soronen quoted in Stateline article Special Education Case at Supreme Court Could Prove Costly for Schools (December 2016)

Lisa Soronen quoted in Stateline article When Can State Tax Dollars Go to Church-Run Programs (October 2016) 

Lisa Soronen quoted in USA Today article At Supreme Court, Justice Antonin Scalia's Impact Still Felt (May 2016)

Lisa Soronen and Paul Clement participate in CSG's webcast Federalism and the U.S. Judicial Branch 

SLLC Files Ohio Supreme Court Amicus Brief Arguing Against Expansion of Quill

Lisa Soronen discussed Los Angeles v. Patel on Privacy Piracy with Mari Frank (May 2015) 

SLLC Files Amicus Brief in the Tenth Circuit in Direct Marketing Association v. Brohl (May 2015)

One Nation Under Jesus Christ, "To the Point" (Lisa Soronen discusses Town of Greece, May 2014) 

For Michael 'Mookie' Moss, Case Against Secret Service is Matter of Free Speech (Washington Post, March 2014)

SLLC Newsletter (February 2014)

Center Advocates for State and Local Governments (National Law Journal, January 2014)

SLLC Newsletter (August 2013) 

What the Supreme Court's Prop. 8 Ruling Means for Voter-Approved Laws (quoting Lisa Soronen)

Supreme Court Taking Slow-Go Approach on Same Sex Marriage (quoting Lisa Soronen)

Before Supreme Court, Indianapolis to Defend Charging Different Amounts for Sewers (quoting the SLLC's brief)

"Big Seven" Associations Announce State and Local Legal Center Executive Director